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And you thought remixing vocals was a convoluted science,
Intsrumental remixing then must be a bag of fangs and filthy razors, To forge that trax that is perfects the science of self inflicted whiplash, comes down to the keen sense of knowing what elements to keep and discard.

Leave it to Tokyo`s naughty noise demons to compose the formula and come up with dope remixes to an already doper [Daydreaming] ep.

Enter Mark Greary`s remix of Trash. A smooth dub-step based track. While maintaining the heart, of the orginal track, Geary strips some of the hard elements of the orginal way and mystically reveals the spirit of the track. Described as a `creeper` track…best enjoyed with the eyes close and the mind open.

If brain damage had a picture it would look like Xlii. Xlii takes the orginal Trash trax and super glues a rocket to the back and (yes) launches that bad boy to cosmos. People that need to blame their dance skills on a track, this is the one. An electro tweaked out spacey twitch-fest for the newly teleported terrestials.

Dj Audace`s remix of Mind Game is like what happens when a preganant mom stands in front of the microwave one too many times. Audace sticks to the orginal feel of the hip-hop based track with a few aesthetics tweaks and an injection of rising strings. In the advancement of time this track is funky futuristic, geared at subtly rising the tension on the dancefloor.


released September 19, 2010

Trash (Mark Geary RMX) produced by Mark Geary
Trash (XLII RMX) produced by XLII -
Mind game(Audace RMX) produced by Audace -

All tracks mastered by XLII at the FUBAR cave Koenji/Tokyo



all rights reserved


Musou Production 東京都, Japan

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